Our Process


Our consulting and coaching services are informative, dynamic, and transformative.  We design and conduct interactive seminars, group facilitations, and retreats for optimal individual learning and team development.  Each consulting and coaching program is customized to achieve our clients’ objectives and to produce measurable results.

Our programs create a safe and authentic learning environment to enable our clients to step outside their comfort zone to develop new attitudes and behaviors.  We use multiple modalities in our services to stimulate learning for everyone, regardless of their working styles.  For example, we may use yoga stretches, breathing techniques, visualization, or art activities, in addition to presentations, to engage participants in active learning through their mind, body and spirit.

Our coaching services are confidential interactions with one person or a group.  To maximize results, we use a wide range of techniques, including brainstorming, values clarification, issues identification, and action planning to motivate change.


This service may vary from a single full-day meeting to bi-weekly one-hour meetings.  Individual clients have the option to meet face-to-face, over the phone, or a combination of the two.  The length of the meetings may also be adjusted to accommodate clients’ time and budget.  While a single meeting may accomplish the desired results, three to six months of coaching is optimal for establishing new attitudes and competencies.

Consulting services are charged by the project.  Coaching services are charged on a retainer basis.


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