When I think of the work of Kalei Inn and Associates, I think of the four P's made famous by legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden:  "planning, preparation, practice and performance. These are the keys to successful execution."   Kalei Inn's intensive team exercises show how you can develop the habits and qualities to build an effective unit or organization. She challenges all you think you know about skills, confidence, strategy and teamwork, and offers real-time examples to be your best both as an individual and an organization.  Kalei teaches that the "star of the team is really the team."  Kalei is a great role model!

Gary Cordova
Charles H. Lundquist College of Business
University of Oregon

We have enjoyed our sessions with Kalei, as they were always positive and supportive and she was able to quickly develop a relationship of trust and respect with the entire staff.  Kalei understands the importance of effective communication and team building.  She assisted us with the tools and skills necessary in strengthening and building our relationships with each other.
Kalei also coached me and helped me develop activities that would address the needs and facilitate the results I wanted.  She shared with me the tools I could use and skills I could develop to be a more effective Director.

Susan Okoga
Queen Emma Preschool

I greatly enjoyed the ice-breaker activities Kalei put together, and her ability to help us see everyone's individual traits as strengths.  She was great at keeping us focused and involved in thinking about our strategic, organizational and interpersonal planning. I liked the breakout sessions, and how she paired us up to have one-on-one conversations in pairs to get to know each other on a more personal level. 

Andrea Maglasang
Communication Manager
Olomana Marketing LLC

During those months you worked with the Institutional Advancement (I.A.) team… I gained a great number of respect and information upon strategic planning. The sessions that you held with us increased my organizational skills. It helped me realized how important my position stood for the University. You had given me the opportunity to look into my position as the Data Entry Specialist from a different level. As you had us break down our tasks it was a sense of reality that I really did have an important task.
The retreat that took place in Ewa Beach was well put together and fun at the same time. I think it was a great idea to have us operate and think outside of the box while being out of our normal working conditions. The two words that I can recall during our weekly meetings were "change" and "system" which we all agreed we needed. To change our work patterns and find a system that would work best for all of us. Having the team figure out what was I.A. goal … was a wonderful tool. We could see the connection to all of us in a way that we had no idea. Personalities were also a great tool exercise. Having us figure which suits us and does that apply to the positions we were in.
As of today, I have applied certain techniques and tools here at the Ronald McDonald House Charities and I have you to thank for.

Pika Ahakuelo
Volunteer Coordinator
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Hawaii

Through a process of group and individual communications, Kalei helped the members of my firm to identify and solve problems affecting the operation of the firm.  She was especially effective as an “outsider” in promoting frank communications among the “insiders.”  The members of the firm were more comfortable in revealing issues to her than they would have been in discussing those matters directly with each other.  As a result, each person felt that they gained something from the process, and the firm’s operations improved, as demonstrated by an increase in revenues.  When there was a change in personnel about a year after the initial consultation, we again sought Kalei’s assistance, with the same beneficial results.  I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any company seeking to improve its performance, morale and internal communications.

John J. D’Amato
D’Amato & Associates, LLLC

One of the most innovative and results-oriented coaches I have ever known. [She] has successfully guided me to my professional and personal goals.

Emme Tomimbang
Emme Inc.


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