What We Do

Leadership Development

We custom-design and execute actionable plans to strengthen leadership competencies. We translate performance assessment results into achievable goals through:

  • On-site assessment to:
    • Analyze impact of leadership styles
    • Observe team performance
    • Evaluate costs/benefits of interventions
  • Executive coaching to:
    • Improve communication effectiveness
    • Increase team development skills
    • Develop strategies to lead change
  • Life coaching to:
    • Heighten personal success
    • Optimize work/family balance
    • Enhance life satisfaction
She challenges all you think you know about skills, confidence, strategy and teamwork, and offers real-time examples to be your best both as an individual and an organization.
- G.C., Assistant Dean
College of Business

It’s the simplicity of the four career stages that shifted my thinking…With this new perception and awareness, advancing in the business world, now has an added “skip and bounce” with each step.  Thank you for sharing your research and expertise.

- J.Y., Manager
Construction Company

Team Effectiveness

We help you increase trust and communication within your team. We empower members of your team to work together to:

  • Create shared visions,
  • Align their individual goals with organizational objectives,
  • Reduce barriers to effective collaboration.

We accomplish this through:

  • Interactive workshops to:
    • Practice key communication skills
    • Envision common purposes
    • Strengthen accountability
  • Group facilitation to:
    • Increase team bonding
    • Celebrate team successes
    • Develop strategic plans
Through a process of group and individual communications, Kalei helped the members of my firm to identify and solve problems affecting the operation of the firm... As a result, ...the firm’s operations improved, as demonstrated by an increase in revenues.
- J.D., Attorney
Law Firm
We have enjoyed our sessions with Kalei, as they were always positive and supportive and she was able to quickly develop a relationship of trust and respect with the entire staff... She assisted us with the tools and skills necessary in strengthening and building our relationships with each other.
- S.O., Director

Diversity Management

We work with managers and employees to benefit from diversity in the workplace. We do this through:

  • Interactive workshops to:
    • Understand impact of diversity on working and learning styles
    • Develop coaching skills for managers
    • Promote harmony in the workplace
  • Executive coaching to:
    • Stimulate positive changes
    • Foster more effective relationships
    • Generate constructive dialogue within your team
The sessions that you held with us increased my organizational skills. It helped me realized how important my position stood... As you had us break down our tasks it was a sense of reality that I really did have an important task.
- M.A., Volunteer Coordinator
Non Profit Organization
I greatly enjoyed the ice-breaker activities Kalei put together, and her ability to help us see everyone's individual traits as strengths.
- A.W., Manager
Marketing Firm

Work/Family Balance

We empower you to succeed at home and at work. By maintaining a balance between work and family demands, you will:

  • Work more efficiently and effectively
  • Experience greater satisfaction with life
  • Reduce physical and emotional stress

We help you achieve this balance through:

  • Interactive workshops to:
    • Improve time management
    • Strengthen communication skills
    • Overcome the “Superwoman Syndrome”
  • Group coaching to:
    • Clarify personal and professional goals
    • Identify and meet challenges
    • Formulate action plan to achieve objectives
  • Life coaching to:
    • Increase awareness of challenges
    • Reinforce helpful skills
    • Extinguish ineffective habits
The course exceeded my expectations and objectives — the instructor made the life blueprint easy to understand. Self exploration was well coached. The best part was determining interests and skills both personal and career -- the exercises were extremely helpful.
- J.O., Consultant
Social Policy
One of the most innovative and results-oriented coaches I have ever known. [She] has successfully guided me to my professional and personal goals.
- E.T., President
Multimedia Company


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